Q. Is this site just for men?

A. No, there are plenty of activities for women also.

Q. My messages go to spam folder.

A. Add GoPlayTogether.com to your contacts list.

Q. I'm on GoPlayTogether.com, now what?

A. Read first page to bottom. Click here to view the activities. If you see your favorite activities, go back to REGISTER tab. If you don't see your favorite, you can have it added after you have registered.

Q. How do I register?

A. Click on REGISTER button. Scroll down to name. All fields should be filled out. When typing in fields look for dropdown menu to finish especially in the city or hometown spot. Click on dropdown to fill answer. If you live in a small town that is not on the dropdown list, you will need to register in the nearest big city on the list. Go to our simple terms of service and read it carefully. YOU are RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS WHEN USING THIS SITE and GoPlayTogether.com and/or Activebuddys, Inc. cannot be held liable for any incidents incurred. You are now a member.

Q. Now what?

A. Go back to the top of the page and click login. Enter email and password click login and it will take you to the activities page where you can begin to fill out your activity profile. Click on Account Management and review your profile. Make any changes necessary and click update profile. After you have signed up for activities, they will show up in your activities profile.

Q. I'm looking for a buddy while on vacation. How do I do it?

A. Whether you are traveling or staying home, just click on an activity from the activity page that you are signed up for. This will take you to that page. Look for FIND A BUDDY AT THIS LOCATION. Under that is a box for city you will click on. Type a few letters of the city and click on dropdown then hit Submit. This will take you to the city. Click on a persons name and then use the Filter by availability, account profile, or questions. Find a match and then on the user profile for that person click Send message. This will be sent via anonymous email to the other person. He or she can log in and check your profile to see if you are a good match. He or she will send a message and at some point you will need to exchange email or phone numbers.

Q. Do you have a phone app?

A. We currently have an android app and an Iphone version is coming soon.

Q. I'm experiencing problems.

A. If not corrected go to admin@activebuddys.net